Good Shepherd Recovery House

You can start over today

Your life can begin again at Good Shepherd Recovery House. We understand addictions and the hurts, habits and hangups that cause them. We have lived them, and we have overcome them. It doesn’t mean we don’t experience challenges, but it means that we can face the challenges and handle them in a healthy way.

We can share with you how we were healed by the power of God’s Spirit through Jesus Christ. It took the intervening power of an almighty God to break through our defenses, reveal truths we could not understand, and heal the hurts that have debilitated us throughout the years. We are sure you are slowly figuring out that if you could have fixed yourself by now, you would have already. So it’s time to stop that insanity and try something new. That’s where Good Shepherd Recovery House comes in.

Yes, we help you discover the root causes for your issues and teach you healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the uncertainty and stress of life. However, that is not what will change you – head knowledge is useless if your spirit and emotions are still broken. Only by

  • finding unconditional love and acceptance,
  • learning that God created you as a unique individual with specific strengths, weaknesses and needs,
  • how to use those particular strengths and weaknesses to live a successful and balanced life that glorifies God,
  • how to meet your very real needs in a godly and balanced way, and
  • becoming convinced of your intrinsic value

will you ever be able to lay down your lifelong self-protecting behaviors and live a life of freedom, peace and joy.

We are all works in progress, so we walk this road together in humility. No one has completely arrived, so there is no room for judgement or condemnation. We know that only the power of God’s love can work the miraculous so we can be free from the effects of our past to live unhindered in the present and the future.  Call us today at 678-459-2346 and let us introduce you to the amazing power of God.

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